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the lis◆t if necessary, ○calling for th■e expansion of c○hain store●s in rural area〓s and better del●ivery and billing sy○stems.Related s●tories:BEIJ■ING, March 16 (●Xinhua) -- The follo〓wing is the full○ text of th●e Report on the Imp●lementation of the 2■009 Plan for Nationa〓l Economic〓 and Social Deve●lopment and 〓on the 2010 D●raft Plan for N○ational Economic and■ Social Development,◆ which was subm●itted on March ◆5 for review at t●he Third Se■ssion of t◆he 11th Nati●onal Peopl◆e's Congress and● was adopted on M○arch 14. Fellow● Deputies, Th◆e National De●vel

opment and ○Reform Commission 〓has been entrusted 〓by the State Co〓uncil to report ◆on the implement○ation of the 2○009 plan for〓 national e○conomic and○ social develo○pment and on the 2◆010 draft pl〓an for nationa■l economic and s○ocial development fo●r your deliberation〓 and approval at◆ the Third Se■ssion of the Ele■venth Nationa●l People's C●ongress (NPC),■ and also fo●r comments and sug◆gestions from the◆ members of the Nat●ional Comm〓ittee of the Chi

◆nese People's Po■litical Consulta●tive Conference (CPP◆CC). I. Implementat○ion of the〓 2009 Plan for Natio○nal Econom●ic and Social De■velopment Last ye◆ar was the most di〓fficult year 〓for our count○ry's economic 〓development since t■he beginning 〓of the new century. ■Faced with■ grim and complex● economic ◆situations at home〓 and abroad, t■he people o〓f all our ethnic● groups, un●der the leadersh■ip of the Comm○unist Party o〓f China (CPC), thor○oug

e ○Governme

hly implemented t〓he Scientific Ou●tlook on Deve○lopment. Based on t●he national ec◆onomic and◆ social develop●ment plan adopte○d at the Se〓cond Session of t○he Eleventh NPC, w◆e took maintaining○ steady and rapid〓 economic develo■pment as the primary■ task in our econ●omic work, f○ollowed a proact◆ive fiscal policy■ and a moderately■ easy monetary◆ policy, fu●lly implemen◆ted and made const●ant additions and im■provements t○o the package plan f〓or responding to■ the global fin○ancial crisis,■ and stopped the s●ignificant d◆ecline in econo■mic growth rate

. As ●a result, o●ur country was one o●f the first i■n the world to ●achieve ove〓rall economic turna●round. We also a■chieved signifi〓cant results● in our work to s●ustain econo●mic growth, ad○just the econ●omic struc●ture, promote re◆forms, and improve p〓eople's well-being. 〓Overall, the〓 plan for 2009 ●was well-implemented■. BEIJING, Oct●. 4 (Xinhua) ●-- China's re〓tail sales hit○ 14 billion yuan (〓about 2 bill■ion U.S. do●llars) during the■ first three days● of the National◆ Day Holiday,● up 15 percent f●rom the same pe●riod of last ●year, the ■Mini

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